Barking and Dagenham police chief commissions portrait of the Queen

Borough commander Matt Bell has got a new bespoke work of art for his office at the new Fresh Wharf police base

But the borough’s top police officer did not call on the latest talent from the capital’s trendy galleries.

Instead he looked to his own force members, using the artistic skills of PC Paul Webb, to paint a portrait of the Queen to brighten up his work space.

The finished work took around 150 hours of Paul’s free time to complete and shows a youthful Queen Elizabeth who will regally oversee ChiefSupt Bell’s busy days for many years to come.

PC Webb, who works in the borough intelligence unit, said: “I have drawn and painted since I was a child, and although I paint mainly for relaxation, it is very rewarding to see the finished work being displayed on the borough commander’s wall.”

ChiefSupt Bell added: “It’s fabulous. I wanted something on a traditional theme, but a bit different. I feel that Paul has got the balance just right. It’s wonderful.”