Barking and Dagenham police urging residents to sign up for new email service

Barking and Dagenham Police are encouraging residents to register for a free email service so they can receive regular information about what is happening in the borough.

This can include missing persons, witness appeals, arrest/conviction details, enhanced police presence details or information about emerging crime trends in the area.

As part of the service, called Neighbourhood Link, emails can even be sent to specific wards, meaning that if a particular ward is being targeted for burglary or by bogus callers, police can let residents know about it.

After registration residents only receive information about the area they sign up to. Those that live in Barking and Dagenham but work in another London borough can sign up for information emails on that borough too, as long as that borough is using the service..

Barking and Dagenham Borough Police acting borough commander, Gary Buttercase said: “If a particular criminal is active in your area we want you to know about it, and know about it fast.

“This service, when used as an “early warning” system, could potentially prevent many people from falling victim to criminals. “Feedback from other boroughs using Neighbourhood Link has been extremely positive and the use of this impressive communication tool is rapidly spreading across police boroughs within the Met.”

To register please visit