Bell urges Barking rioters to come forward

The borough’s top police officer is urging vandals who looted Barking town centre on August 8 to turn themselves in before they are “named and shamed”.

Borough commander Matt Bell said that most of the looters had been caught on CCTV and were just waiting to be identified.

He said on Monday: “This week’s media coverage of arrests, charges and convictions following the recent riots will have made it very clear to offenders that police are committed to arresting everyone involved and are working their way through the suspects. If you committed a crime during the riots, you can expect police to come knocking at your door.

“You will no doubt have seen the footage from 100’s of CCTV cameras on the borough that clearly show those damaging and looting stores and property. People are being identified from this footage and arrested daily.

“Just this morning we have sent three people to court in custody for stealing from shops in Barking Town Centre. If you were one of those people who were involved in the disturbances we will get around to identifying you, if we haven’t done so already.

Ch Supt Bell is urging those who have broke the law to present themselves at either Barking or Dagenham Police Stations or to an officer in the street.

“You will be dealt with swiftly and may well avoid having your CCTV image publicised locally, nationally or even on Crimewatch. If you take action now, you can make a start on putting the incidents of last week behind you, rather than delaying the inevitable.”