Man gave Newham teenager no warning before shooting him in Barking station attack, court hears

Bienvenu Vangu is on trial at the Old Bailey after pleading not guilty to attempted murder. Picture:

Bienvenu Vangu is on trial at the Old Bailey after pleading not guilty to attempted murder. Picture: PA - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

A man shot a knife-wielding boy at close range without warning following a chase on a Tube, a court has heard.

Barking Station. Picture: Google.

Barking Station. Picture: Google. - Credit: Google

Bienvenu Vangu allegedly shot the teenager, who is from Newham but cannot be named for legal reasons, as the Hammersmith and City line train was arriving at Barking station on February 20.

Mr Vangu, of Mariner House, High Street, Southend-on-Sea, appeared at the Old Bailey on Tuesday, August 20, after pleading not guilty to attempted murder.

Amjad Malik QC, prosecuting, said: "Mr Vangu chose not to pull the emergency alarm. He wasn't going to use that gun to threaten him.

"He wasn't going to say to him, 'Stay back or I'll shoot you'. He didn't even shoot in the air to give him warning not to come any closer.

"He didn't even shoot him in his arm or leg to disable him to stop him. He was going to shoot him so he would not miss, in the most vulnerable part of his body.

"[Mr Vangu] used a gun he was carrying to shoot deliberately, at close range, in order to kill."

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The jury watched CCTV footage from the train which the prosecution said showed Mr Vangu and the 16-year old boarding the train at King's Cross.

The court heard Mr Vangu arrived armed while the boy was carrying £1,000 in cash and a large kitchen knife.

The CCTV footage shows the boy pull the blade from his waistband and lunge at Mr Vangu after an argument erupts between them before the trains approach to Barking station.

Mr Vangu flees down the train while the teenager can be seen strolling past passengers after him with the knife by his side.

The youngster eyeballed one passenger who tripped him up in a bid to stop him before continuing the pursuit, the jury heard.

The footage shows that as Mr Vangu reaches the last carriage, he turns to face his pursuer who slashes his hand after which, the prosecution alleged, the 25-year old pulls out the handgun.

He shoots the boy in the belly, Mr Malik said. The CCTV shows a passenger just inches away at the time.

Mr Vangu puts the weapon back in his bag then moves up the train before fleeing through the doors and escaping in a taxi booked by his sister, the jury heard. The gun has not been found.

The boy staggers down the train clutching his stomach, falling to the floor then stumbling onto platform two where he collapses.

Cartridges were recovered from the floor of the carriage, Mr Malik added.

The boy was rushed to the Royal London Hospital with a suspected stab wound with medics later discovering a bullet lodged close to his spine.

He underwent emergency surgery to stem the bleeding but a second operation was required to remove the bullet, Mr Malik said.

The youngster wasn't discharged until March 11.

In eyewitness statements, one woman described the boy as "almost stalking or hunting" the man through the carriages.

She later witnessed a member of the public on the platform stomping on the boy's hand to force him to let go of the knife.

A witness who tripped the boy up in a bid to stop him described shouting "open the doors, someone has got a knife" to the train driver after the emergency alarm was pressed.

Mr Malik said: "The defendant will reject the prosecution allegation he [was] in possession of a loaded gun and that he used it. That is going to be a critical issue in this case."

Mr Vangu has also pleaded not guilty to possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition with intent to endanger life and possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

The boy has been charged with possessing a blade and wounding with intent. He is due to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court on August 21.

Mr Vangu's trial continues.