Boy, 12, left shaken and frightened after mugging and attack in Dagenham park

A mother says her 12-year-old son is afraid of going outside after being robbed and attacked by two youths in the park.

The youngster was in Parsloes Park with three friends, when one 13-year-old robbed him of his bag and phone battery, before another, the same age, pushed him to the ground and kicked him in the back.

Although not badly hurt, the attack at around 5pm on August 18, has left the victim, who wants to remain anonymous, shaken and frightened of going out in public.

The youths, who can not be identified for legal reasons, were reported to police and later arrested and charged with robbery.

They pleaded guilty at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court on August 19 and will be sentenced on a date to be confirmed.

The boy’s mum, 37, said: “My son’s been so affected by this and is not himself at all. He won’t go to the park at all now and doesn’t even feel comfortable leaving the house. He gets nervous when there are groups of young people nearby.”

She said she was shocked when she heard what had happened. “I never thought something like that would happen. Children should be able to play in the park without fear of being mugged or attacked. The whole thing has made me worried about him going out.” A police spokesman said: “This is incident is not seen as frequent and parent have no reason to be worried over one incident.

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“The park is patrolled on a regular basis by Barking and Dagenham Parks Police as a part of their regular patrols.”