Mother calls for safer streets after schoolboy is robbed outside Dagenham takeaway

A 14-year-old boy was targeted at a Woodward Road takeaway by thugs who threatened to stab him befor

A 14-year-old boy was targeted at a Woodward Road takeaway by thugs who threatened to stab him before taking his iPhone. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

A mother whose son was robbed by thugs outside a chicken shop has pleaded for more to be done to make the streets safer.

The 14-year-old was with a friend getting food after school at a takeaway in Woodward Road, Dagenham, when an older boy snatched his Apple iPhone XR.

Two more bullies shoved him behind a wall outside the shop, but the Jo Richardson pupil refused to hand over his password to the £700 phone given to him by his parents for Christmas.

His mum said: "He was terrified. He gave them a different password, but they threatened to stab him. They spat on his face when they were shouting at him.

"No one is allowed to shout at my son and threaten him with a knife."

Fearing what might happen, the youngster gave them his password before the yobs told him to "run home".

The boy's friend called police who took him home.

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The suspects were spotted in Barking town centre the day after the June 28 attack where they were arrested.

But one was let off while the other two, aged 16 and 20, were bailed pending further investigation.

A Met spokesman said: "They have since been advised no further action will be taken.

"Despite a full investigation, officers have been unable to retrieve CCTV footage or forensic opportunities. The boy and his family have been kept informed."

On the mugging's effect, the lad's mum said: "He's not himself. He used to be active. Now he just stays in his room.

"He's a very good boy. It's really affected him. He was asking for a phone for a long time. Since he went to secondary school.

"To him it was everything he had. I'm glad he's safe and wasn't hurt, but he was hurt inside."

She added no passers-by tried to help him.

"I feel so angry. Everyone should be safe in this world. These things shouldn't be happening. Everyone should be able to feel safe here."

And she warned the brutes who did it could strike again.

"They have no mercy. I don't know what they will go on to do," she said.