Brick thrown at car on London Road, Barking

A woman narrowly avoided crashing her car after someone threw a brick onto the windscreen while she was driving.

The 30-year-old, from Dagenham, was driving her Ford Ka on the A406 roundabout at London Road, Barking, when the brick was lobbed from the flyover.

Luckily she was unharmed but her windscreen was shattered and she was very shaken by the incident.

It is believed that two youngsters are responsible for throwing the brick.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, which happened on February 18 at around 7.45am, should contact Det Const Maria Hartshorn by dialling 101 quoting reference number 5103048/13.

Det Const Hartshorn said: “The actions of these children could have resulted in serious injury to the driver of this vehicle and other road users, not to mention the harm to themselves that they risked by being on the flyover alongside very heavy fast-moving traffic.”