Cabbie rapist linked to 102 attacks

A BLACK cab rapist who pounced on a Dagenham woman could be the UK’s most prolific sex offender after being linked to 102 attacks.

John Worboys, 53, was jailed indefinitely in April last year for drugging and sexually assaulting passengers.

Sarah Craigie, who lived near Broad Street in Dagenham, revealed last year how she narrowly escaped his clutches by calling a friend on her mobile when he gave her a glass of champagne spiked with a date rape drug.

He would offer women the alcoholic drink, saying he wanted to celebrate a fictitious lottery win, a bag full of cash and attacked them.

Detectives at first linked the Enfield cabbie to 83 crimes but the Met says another 19 women have come forward.

Police fear there is a “high possibility” more victims who have not yet contacted them. The assaults are believed to have been carried out between 2002 and 2007.