Cancer mum devastated after ‘blue badge theft’ in Dagenham

A cancer victim struck down with an aggressive spinal tumour was left devastated after car thugs apparently broke into her Golf and stole her blue badge.

Mum-of-three Rebecca Warren, 31, launched a �250,000 fundraising battle last month in a desperate bid to receive pioneering treatment in America after doctors told her nothing else could be done for her.

The Dagenham mum was asleep at home last night when three youths allegedly managed to get into her family car and took the free parking permit she uses to go to shops.

Rebecca, of Goresbrook Road, said: “I feel quite devastated. The charity fund has taken off really well.

“Now I’m getting pains, I’m starting to panic a little bit, I’m starting to think the cancer is spreading quite quickly.

“It’s getting on top of me. I need the car to go to the shops.

“I’ve got bad pains and my leg gives way. It’s pretty bad. I start to walk and I get pains in my spine. I need people to do a lot for me.

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“I try to put on a brave face to show I’m OK - It’s the way I’ve always been, but the situation will change at one point. It’s very sad.”

Rebecca said her partner Ashley, 26, surprised three youths in Goresbrook Road but two of them allegedly got away after taking the disabled badge from her glove compartment.

Rebecca’s sister Jakki, 41, is spearheading a fundraising drive to give her sibling pioneering treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

She said: “I’m absolutely disgusted.”

Police said they were investigating the alleged theft.

A Met spokesman said today: “I can confirm that at 2.25am on Friday 04 January 2013 police received a report of a car being broken into. Inquiries are being made by officers.”

Rebecca’s family have raised more than �7,500 since last month. They are organising a fundraising comic book fancy dress party at the Curzon Centre in Bastable Avenue, Barking, tomorrow at 8pm.

Entry is �5 for adults and �3 for children. An online video illustrating the fundraising efforts has also been produced.

To donate funds, log on to