Client trap brothel shut down by police in Barking

The metal security door at a brothel in Victoria Road, Barking, shut down by police

The metal security door at a brothel in Victoria Road, Barking, shut down by police - Credit: Archant

A brothel which trapped its visitors between a metal security door and a front door with no inside handle, has been shut down by police.

Cash was expected up front before “customers” could enter and, once inside, they could only leave again by being buzzed out via a unit behind the security door.

Three women who worked at the brothel were issued with formal warnings after police closed the illegal establishment in Victoria Road, Barking on Tuesday, February 12, following residents’ complaints.

Sgt Richard Morgan of Abbey Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: “A word of warning to anyone who is thinking of visiting a brothel; the door to the brothel in Victoria Road had no handle on the inside and closes behind the customer as he enters.

“He is then faced with a metal security door through which he is expected to pay cash up front. The customer is then in a position where he is trapped between two doors that he is unable to open.”

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The landlord of the property was contacted and will be taking steps to evict the current tenants within the next two weeks, said police.

“We are conducting regular patrols in target areas and working in partnership with local support agencies to help street prostitutes to find an alternative lifestyle,” said Sgt Morgan.

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“We will continue to do so until a long term solution is found.”

He added that information is produced in different languages directing women to health and support services.

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