Collection of green wheelie bins in Barking and Dagenham stopped over winter months

Collections of green wheelie bins in Barking and Dagenham are stopping temporarily for an annual winter break. The last collection of green garden waste is in weeks beginning 15 October and 22 October, depending on which week the fortnightly collection falls in. Regular collections will resume at the end of March 2013.

There will be two collections of green bins over the winter for people who need them, but residents will have to book. There will be one in January and one in February, with the exact dates announced nearer the time.

Green wheelie bins are for green garden waste such as grass cuttings, weeds, leaves and prunings. They stop over winter because the amount of green garden waste falls.

Cllr Mick McCarthy, cabinet member for environment, said: “If you have some garden cuttings that you need to dispose of there is always the option of Frizlands Reuse and Recycling Centre, which is open all year.

“You might also want to consider a compost heap or compost bin in your garden. You can find information and advice at”