Community helps police target crime in Barking and Dagenham

Officers from Barking and Dagenham were among thousands of police from across London to embark on a one-day operation as part of the Met’s so-called “War on Crime”.

Operation Reclaim - part of the wider Operation Hawk - saw Safer Neighbourhood officers use information from the public to conduct truancy patrols and distribute crime prevention literature across the borough.

They also targeted drug dealers, perpetrators of anti-social behaviour and other criminals who impact on the quality of life in communities.

Borough Commander Matt Bell said: “The communities in all wards across Barking and Dagenham will be seeing more operations of this kind from our 17 Safer Neighbourhoods teams, who, through engaging with the public, will continue to address local crime and safety concerns to help make our local areas safer.

“Dedicated Safer Neighbourhoods officers have long worked with borough partners to formulate long term solutions to the problems that have a negative effect on the lives of those who live, work, and travel through the borough while target criminals and placing them before the courts.”

Leading Thursday’s operation for Barking and Dagenham Police, Inspector Mark Joyce said: “Informing the public of the action taken in response to information received is as important as conducting the operations. Only with the public’s information and support, can we effectively tackle the issues that are of concern to communities.

“With help from the public, we can make your area safer. Tell your Safer Neighbourhoods team who is committing crime, disorder or anti social behaviour in your area and we will help to make it stop. “

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Operation Hawk began with a public call to action through a series of radio ads launched on November 16, urging Londoners to pass community intelligence about crime and disorder to their Safer Neighbourhoods Teams.

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