Con artists fooling shoppers in Barking town centre

Two con artists have been pretending to sell phones and computers to unsuspecting members of the public in Barking twon centre which turn out to be boxes of water bottles.

The two white men, sometimes working alone and sometimes as a pair, have offered shoppers iPhones, iPads and laptops at very low prices, according to police.

A police spokesman said: “When the victim says they would like to buy an item the suspects(s) drive them to the cash point so they can withdraw the money to exchange for goods

“When the suspects have left the scene, the unsuspecting buyer finds that they have bought a box of water bottles instead of the luxury item that they think they have purchased.”

The incidents have happened mainly in Barking town centre but are also known to be happening around car boot sales and markets.

Police believe the items first offered to the members of the public are stolen.

Police Superintendent, Gary Buttercase said: “Those offering stolen goods for sale are not to be trusted. Please don’t be fooled into parting with your Christmas cash. If an offer seems too good to be true it usually is.”