Copper-theft chase leads to Cannabis farm

THE dramatic chase of an alleged copper thief led officers to the discovery of a cannabis farm.

The caretaker of Peverel House in Stour Road, Dagenham, heard a suspicious sawing noise coming from a cupboard on October 8.

He called his line manager who was nearby and went to the block with his colleague.

The trio investigated the cupboard and realised there was someone inside apparently trying to steal copper cables. When they called the police the man ran out of the cupboard and tried to escape.

Giving chase, the housing officers had a door slammed in their faces and one was bitten on the wrist. The culprit slipped away and went into one of the flats.

Police arrived soon after and got into the flat where the suspected thief was arrested. Inside the property they discovered several cannabis plants along with drugs paraphernalia.

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