Dad of two, 45, pleads guilty to knife threat to neighbour

A man pleaded guilty in court yesterday to shouting “I’ll kill you” to his neighbour while brandishing a large kitchen knife.

Stefan Cristian Dumitriu, 45, of Martindale Avenue, Barking, was making “sweeping and stabbing” actions with the 15cm knife towards his neighbour, a court heard.

The victim, Dorab Wali Ahmed, was returning home when he was confronted by Dumitriu.

He pushed the Romanian father-of-two away and was able to escape and call for help.

The prosecution said that when the police arrived they found Dumitriu to be drunk.

He began saying he was “sorry and ashamed” and willing to repair any damage.

Speaking on his behalf the defence said he is “very tearful and embarrassed to find himself before a court and cannot remember a thing that happened”.

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She added: “He had bought a Romanian spirit from the shop and has no recollection of anything after he began drinking it.”

The defence asked that Dumitriu could be dealt with today by way of a fine or a short judicial discharge but the chair of the bench requested a pre-sentence report to “get more information before making that decision”.

She added the bench was “looking to make a community order” but would not rule out any options.

The defendant was released on conditional bail and will reappear before Barkingside court on March 17 where he will be sentenced.