Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas mentioned in Norwegian gunman’s ‘manifesto’

Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas was singled out by Norwegian gunman Anders Breivik, who is accused of murdering more than 70 people, in his anti-Muslim “manifesto”.

The far-right activist has admitted planting a bomb in the Norwegian capital Oslo that killed eight people and murdering 68 young people during a shooting spree on the island of Utoya.

However, he pleaded not guilty in court on Monday – blaming the “treason” of the country’s immigration policies for carrying out the atrocity.

In a statement read by judge Kim Heger, Breivik said: “As long as the labour party keeps driving its ideological line and keeps deconstructing Norwegian culture and mass importation of Muslims, then they must assume responsibility for this treason.”

Breivik’s beliefs were set down in a 1,500 word “manifesto” which includes a section that claims that the British authorities are encouraging anti-Semitic attacks in the UK.

It states that: “Prime minister Gordon Brown, who collaborates with the Saudis, appointed Jon Cruddas MP to spearhead a campaign against ‘the far right’.”

Mr Cruddas told the Post that he would not comment of the contents of Breivik’s “manifesto” until he had checked the information himself.

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He added: “The events in Norway against the young labour party members were terrible and I know everyone in the borough will be appalled by what we have seen over the weekend.”