Dagenham dad’s home burgled days after his death

Dennis (33) died on Thursday and his property was found to have been burgled and all his possessions

Dennis (33) died on Thursday and his property was found to have been burgled and all his possessions taken, which had been left to his kids. - Credit: Archant

The house of a 33-year-old disabled father-of-six was ransacked of all his possessions just days after he died of kidney failure.

A 13-year-old youth has been charged with burglary.

Dennis Glossop’s grieving family were horrified to discover his home in Clemence Road, Dagenham, had been burgled and thousands of pounds worth of belongings taken that he had left for his children.

After battling seven years of illness, wheelchair-bound Dennis, who was on the donor transplant list, was taken into hospital on April 3. When his condition deteriorated rapidly his family were rushed in to say their goodbyes before he died the following day.

Dennis’ distraught 14-year-old daughter Shelby, who lived with him, went to stay with her step-sister Charlie and the house was left empty.

When a family friend went round to check on the property four days after Dennis died, she found the side window smashed and the house emptied.

Step-daughter Charlie, 20, said: “Everything that he left us has been taken. Everything he had was worth a lot of money. We are all just in bits. He had just died and for someone to go and do that, they are scum.”

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Items stolen included a set of mixing decks, amps, a newly-bought £3,000 55in Smart TV, another 42in TV and both Dennis and Shelby’s clothes. The thief left in such a hurry that belongings were scattered outside the house leaving a trail.

Charlie said: “We were grieving enough and when I got that call I was devastated. It was like a kick to the teeth. He had spent years saving about £2,000 in coins and they took that. Some of it was for Shelby to take on holiday to Egypt next month for her birthday.”

In pain

Transplant doctors were waiting until Dennis was well enough for surgery.

Charlie said: “He was always in pain. He was that ill that he couldn’t walk and for the last year was in a wheelchair. He couldn’t really leave the house. Then he passed and we were so shocked. None of us were expecting it.”

Dennis was also father to Shelly, four, Caitlin, six, Bradley, eight, and step-father to Emma, 19.

Police arrested a 13-year-old boy who was subsequently charged with burglary on April 10.

So far, none of the property has been recovered.