Dagenham East commuter attacker jailed

A thug who tried to drag a terrified commuter on to live underground rails at Dagenham East station after his friend mugged him has been locked up for 34 weeks.

Daniel Sambrook, 20, screamed: “You’re going on to the tracks” at Christopher Deary after David Watts, 21, stole his phone and Oyster card.

When Mr Deary pleaded for the return of his mobile phone’s memory card which contained ‘precious’ photos of his recently deceased grandfather he was refused.

Sambrook, of Homestead Road, Dagenham, was cleared of robbery after earlier admitting actual bodily harm.

Sentencing Sambrook to 34 weeks detention Judge Nicholas Huskinson described it as an offence of ‘gratuitous violent bullying’.

Watts, of no fixed address, admitted robbing Mr Deary and was sent to jail for two-and-a half years.