Dagenham gran threatened with hammer by bogus postman

Lisley Deeble who was the victim of a robbery at her home in South Close. The robber was wearing a R

Lisley Deeble who was the victim of a robbery at her home in South Close. The robber was wearing a Royal Mail outfit and pushed in through the door (photo: Arnaud Stephenson) - Credit: photo: Arnaud Stephenson

When a robber dressed as a postman pushed in through her front door, raised a hammer and told her to “shush”, all Lisley Deeble could think of was the safety of her two-year-old granddaughter who was in the house with her.

“I said to the man, please don’t hurt my baby,” the 53-year-old told the Post, still shaken by the incident at her home in Stokes Road, Dagenham, in broad daylight.

The unsuspecting grandma-of-14 opened the door on the robber after seeing him dressed in a Royal Mail uniform, complete with post bag, through the window.

“He stepped in and told me he’d come for money,” she said. “When I looked at him I saw his eyes were evil. He looked like, if he had to do something, he would do it. I can still see his eyes now – I can still see him standing in front of me.

“I gave him a shove and told him, ‘I haven’t got any money.’ He held up a hammer and told me to shush.”

A second man, less stocky and in plain clothes, appeared in the house and closed the door behind him, she said.

Despite the danger, Lisley kept calm for granddaughter Millie.

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“I don’t know how I didn’t go into panic mode,” said the housewife. After finding herself leading the first man on a tour of her house in search of cash, Lisley managed to escape when he began ransacking her bedroom and didn’t follow her downstairs.

She ran out the door and cried for help from her neighbours. One, Lisa, ushered the distraught grandma inside her home where they called police and Lisley’s husband Steve, 58, who runs Dagenham’s Pitch and Putt Club.

The robbers escaped with a purse, including £150 in cash, an iPhone and a Blackberry phone.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “All our postmen and women wear ID when out delivering mail.”

If you have information, the Met urge you to call 101.