Dagenham homeowner chased off men who tried to break into his home

A homeowner chased three men away after they tried to break in to his Dagenham home.

The resident heard the men attempting to break the front door of the Grove Way property using a metal tool at 1.40pm on November 9.

When the man opened the door the suspects ran and the householder chased them down the road. They then got in to a silver/gold Jaguar car, possibly with a ‘D’ in the registration number.

Two of the men are described as white and around 22-years-old. One of them had short black hair, and was wearing a black cap, black sweater and black jeans. The other was wearing a white top and a dark cap.

There is no description available for the third suspect.

Investigating Officer DC Jess Stephens said: “I am appealing to anyone who has information concerning this crime. Someone knows who this vehicle belongs to, and who these burglars are. Call the Burglary Squad in confidence and leave the rest to us.”

Call the Barking and Dagenham Police Burglary Squad on (020) 3275 1045.