Jailed: Burglar who stole equipment worth more than £3k from car repair centre

Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards, of Maxey Road in Dagenham, pleaded guilty to burglary on June 23 - Credit: Met Police

A burglar from Dagenham has been jailed after pleading guilty to stealing an item worth around £3500 from a car repair centre in Barking.   

On June 23 Jamie Richards, of Maxey Road in Dagenham, changed his plea from not guilty to guilty for the offence of burglary.  

It comes after an incident on December 19 in 2019 when two males entered a staff only area within Kwik Fit in Barking.  

The men stole a Bosch diagnostic kit valued between £3000 to £3500.  

CCTV was viewed and images released to the local neighbourhood police teams.  

A ward officer identified the men, one of whom was known as Richards.  

The 35-year-old was sentenced to 17 months’ in prison and ordered to pay the victim a £149 surcharge.