Dagenham man plunged three floors to escape violent flatmate

A stabbing victim was left with broken bones when he fell from a third floor window in Dagenham while trying to flee his violent flatmate, a court heard today.

Jurbin Usman was stabbed in the arm, backside and neck when he tried to stop Daniel Chambers, beating up his girlfriend in a drunken domestic row.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard how Mr Usman locked himself in his bedroom at their shared flat in Connington Road, after Chambers threatened to kill him.

He then tried to climb out of his bedroom window to safety but lost his grip and fell to the ground shattering his right elbow and pelvis.

Mr Usman had to have extensive reconstructive surgery to repair the damage.

Judge Kennedy said Chambers would spend a minimum of three years behind bars minus the number of days he has already spent in custody before he would be considered for parole after he pleaded guilty to one count of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Chambers, 29, had been released from prison just a few weeks before the attack on August 31, 2010, after being convicted of common assault.