Dagenham man who raped teenager has ‘lenient’ jail sentence increased

London Criminal Appeal Court has increased Sezer's sentence. Pic: PA

London Criminal Appeal Court has increased Sezer's sentence. Pic: PA - Credit: Archant

A Dagenham man who raped a teenager after chatting her up outside a branch of McDonalds has had his “unduly lenient” jail term upped by top judges today.

Sezer Keser, 25, of Woodward Road, took the 18-year-old to a house and raped her on a sofa after plying her with alcohol.

The victim’s 16-year-old friend was also raped in “sordid” circumstances by another man, as she vomited into a toilet after drinking spirits.

Sezer was jailed for five years at Snaresbrook Crown Court in February this year, having been convicted of rape.

However the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC, regarded that sentence as “unduly lenient” and referred it for senior judges to look at again.

Today Lord Justice Gross, at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, ruled that the five-year term was far too soft - and upped it to seven years.

The court heard the man who attacked the 16-year-old has gone on the run and was convicted of rape in his absence.

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Sezer knew what was happening to the younger teenager but, instead of intervening, he preyed upon the 18-year-old, said the judge.

Mr Wright’s lawyers argued that the use of alcohol and the young age and vulnerability of the victims meant that Keser’s jail term was much too lenient.

Agreeing, Lord Justice Gross said: “The incident presents a sordid picture.

“He entered the bathroom to discover his co-accused raping a 16-year-old as she was vomiting.

“Rather than restraining him, he pulled the 18-year-old into the living room and raped her.

“We are persuaded that this sentence is unduly lenient and fails to sufficiently reflect the gravity of the offence.

“We substitute a sentence of seven years and, to that extent, the Attorney General’s application succeeds.”

Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb and Mrs Justice May agreed that Sezer’s sentence should be upped by two years.

The Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC, said later: “I am pleased that the Court of Appeal has agreed that Keser’s sentence should have been higher.

“He put his victim through a terrible ordeal and my thoughts are with her and her loved ones.

“I hope the increased sentence will bring them some comfort today.”