Dagenham newsagent robbed by men armed with guns twice in the space of four days

Robbers armed with guns carried out two raids at the same Dagenham shop in the space of four days, stealing more than �9,000.

The first attack on Fenbrook Ltd newsagent in Wood Lane was on Friday at 8.30am and the second on Monday at 6.15am.

During Monday’s raid two customers were forced to lie on the floor as three men, one armed with a gun, stole �9,000 from the shop’s safe.

On Friday two men – one armed again with a pistol –made off with �500 in cash, �300 worth of cigarettes and a mobile phone belonging to shop assistant Saqib Aurengzeb, 24.

None of the robbers has been caught by police, who are investigating the incidents.

Monday’s raid was the fifth armed attack on shops in Barking and Dagenham already this year.

Mr Aurengzeb, who, with his colleague Rasik Dekacha, 35, was working during both robberies, was terrified by the attacks.

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“At one point during the second raid, when I was trying to stall him after having pressed our panic button, one of the guys cocked the gun, as if he was about to fire it,” he said.

“It was horrible that two customers got caught up in it too. They were understandably shaken up. I’m just trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind off it.”

Store owner Attiq Butt said the shop would struggle financially over the next few months.

He told the Post: “I’ve lost almost �10,000, and, though I’m insured, I won’t get a lot of that back. But I have to keep going. And I’m just relieved no one was hurt.”

Barking and Dagenham Borough Commander Chief Supt Gary Buttercase said: “These robberies are appalling attacks on hard-working members of our community.

“The victims don’t only suffer a loss of property or cash, they are traumatised by the threatening behaviour of the thieves.

“It is vital that the public work with us to identify these criminals who are disrupting the services provided by local businesses.”

He continued: “My officers are working hard to apprehend the suspects and will not stop until arrests are made and the criminals are answerable to the court.”

n Anyone with information on the robberies is asked to call the Flying Squad on 020 8345 4226 or to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.