Dagenham pit bull owner ordered to pay £100

A pit bull owner was today hauled before magistrates, ordered to pay £100 and warned his dog could be destroyed.

Worried the pit bull Sam was in breach of the Dangerous Dogs Act, a delivery driver reported the pet to a police officer after he spotted it in the defendant’s garden, Barkingside Magistrates’ Court heard.

Robert Purkiss, 32, of Croppath Road, Dagenham, pleaded guilty to having Sam in his possession.

Miss Hebdon, prosecuting, said the officer in the case had suggested the dog be destroyed, but was “content for [it] to be returned to the owner”.

She advised the defendant to comply by getting a muzzle and a microchip for the dog and warned failure to do so could result in Sam being “destroyed”.

She added the dog was “very good natured” – which prompted the chairman of the bench to check whether she was prosecuting or defending the owner.

Representing Purkiss, Mr Ramdhary agreed with the prosecutor and said: “Sam has always been brilliant. They have never had any problems with him whatsoever.”

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He added: “It was only the day that the delivery driver visited the property that Sam sneaked out into garden and caused the driver to worry.

“I ask for a discharge. Parts of the order have already been met. Sam has been taken to the vet and already has his microchip.”

Chairing the bench, Mr Peacock imposed a contingent destruction order, and discharged the case for 12 months.

He gave Purkiss seven days to pay £85 costs to the prosecution, plus a £15 surcharge.