Dagenham shops pass under-age alcohol sales tests

Police cadets under the age of 18 carried out ‘test purchases’ of alcohol at shops in Dagenham and were declined by every vendor.

The young volunteers were taking part in a police operation to cut anti social behaviour caused by underage drinking.

They tried to buy alcohol from 13 different shops in Rainham Road, Dagenham Road, the Heathway and Church Elm Lane on Saturday, and were refused by every vendor.

The penalties for selling alcohol to underage customers can include a fine of up to �5,000, prosecution and loss of the their alcohol licence.

Police Licensing Officer, Andy O’Connor, who headed the operation, said: “We were delighted to report no failures across the entire operation. Every vendor declined to sell alcohol to our volunteers.

“The sale of alcohol to juveniles is a huge driver of anti-social behaviour. With local retailers on board it is very likely that this type of behaviour can be reduced to a minimum in this area.”

Acting on information from members of the public, the team also inspected two stores thought to be selling alcohol without a valid licence. No trace of illegal sales was found, but police would like the public to continue passing on information about stores that may be selling illegally.