Dog sitting turns into horror scene when it kills another dog in Dagenham park

File picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

File picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Looking after a friend’s dog for the day turned into a nightmare for Genevieve Hull when it mauled another dog to death in a park.

Henry the dog was killed by the Pit Bull.

Henry the dog was killed by the Pit Bull. - Credit: Archant

Unbeknown to Hull, the dog, called Honey Biscuit, was a pit bull terrier banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Laura Darby.

Laura Darby. - Credit: Archant

On September 19 last year she agreed to take care of it while a friend moved house and was happily playing with Honey Biscuit, her Jack Russell and her four children in her back garden.

Hull took Honey Biscuit and her children to Pondfield Park, Dagenham, but left her dog at home.

They came across teenager Laura Darby, 16, who was walking her family’s pet Jack Russell called Henry.

The dogs clashed and Honey Biscuit attacked Henry who had to be taken to the vets and died the next day.

Devastated Laura told the Post: “He was one of the nicest dogs you could meet. He would never hurt anyone.”

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Hull, 27, of Frizlands Lane, Dagenham, admitted having custody of a fighting dog and being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control in a public space.

Claudia Barker, mitigating, said: “Miss Hull is not the owner of the dog. She was doing a favour for the owner and most unfortunately it was during this time that the incident took place.

“It was a shock to her and she tried to disengage the dogs by putting her hand into the dog’s jaws.”

Giving her a 12-month conditional discharge, chairman of the bench Geraldine Matthison said: “You are very remorseful and we consider you to be a responsible dog owner when caring for your own animal.”

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act a court order was made that Honey Biscuit should be destroyed.

The dog’s owner was previously convicted and given a community order with £395.13 compensation to the dead dog’s owners to cover veterinary fees.