Drama teacher from Dagenham jailed after sexual affair with pupil, 16

A promiscuous drama teacher who had sex with a teenage pupil has been jailed.

Janette Kilner, of Stamford Road, Dagenham, was deputy head of drama when she had unprotected sex with the 16-year-old after starting an illicit relationship with him while taking other lovers.

She was jailed for 14 months at Snaresbrook Crown Court yesterday (Thursday, November 28) after pleading guilty to six counts of sexual activity with a child by an adult in a position of trust.

The court heard how the affair, which lasted for three months between May and July, began gradually after her teenage lover bought her a Christmas card and bracelet last year.

The relationship became sexual when on July 10 Kilner picked the teenager up in her car and took him to her house.

“They began to kiss — she then helps him remove his trousers as they are watching television,” said prosecutor Gary Pons.

“She wanted him to go upstairs and he at first said no because he didn’t have a condom but eventually they do go upstairs and have full intercourse.”

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He added that Kilner was “meeting unknown men and women in car parks for sex” — known as dogging — when she slept with him.

The affair only came to light when the schoolboy told two of his friends who reported it to another teacher and involved social services and the police.

Kilner, 33, was arrested on July 27 and suspended from the south London school.

Rebecca Blain, defending, told the court there was no coercion used during the relationship, adding: “She does not have an attraction to children as this was a specific offence and that is made clear in the pre-sentence report.”

Barring Kilner from teaching children or vulnerable adults, Judge Judith Hughes QC, said the case was “tragic”.

She said: “Clearly this is an offence of a serious breach of trust as you were his teacher and therefore you are the one responsible.

“It must be noted that the boy was a willing participant but that does not excuse the behaviour.”