Drug support user fined £125 for racially abusing Dagenham man


- Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

A support-unit user was hauled before magistrates yesterday and ordered to pay £125 after calling a man a “n*****”.

Police were called to a Dagenham Support Unit on April 15 after a drugs outreach worker was branded with the racist word twice and told to “f*** off”.

Robert Lee Bibby, 43, of Holgate Gardens, Dagenham, pleaded guilty to using racially abusive language and causing Jonathan Marson distress and alarm.

Claire Hebdon, prosecuting, explained Bibby had been banned from the venue but attended anyway.

She said: “He was told to leave and became angry and started shouting and swearing at the unit’s manager, Jonathan.

“The defendant made admissions and apologised. He knew he was banned and admitted saying the “n-word” twice.”

Ms Hebdon asked for compensation for the complainant and for costs of £85 to be paid.

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Representing Bibby, Ms Lody said the defendant accepted he shouldn’t have called the unit worker names and explained “he says he won’t do it again”.

She said Bibby knew he was not allowed at the support unit but was told by another manager he could get his friend’s attention by knocking on the window.

She added: “His personal circumstances must be considered as he lives in supported accommodation and suffers from paranoia and schizophrenia. He also has a personality disorder.

“He said those words out of anger in the spur of the moment.”

The bench gave Bibby a fine of £105 with a surcharge of £20, explaining they had “taken his guilty plea into consideration”.

On leaving the dock the defendant called out: “I really am sorry about being here you know, but I lost it and had a go.”

The bench responded: “We accept your apology but certain words are unacceptable.”