Fare-dodger caught at Dagenham Heathway slammed with £89.70 fine

James Croxall was caught at Dagenham Heathway tube station

James Croxall was caught at Dagenham Heathway tube station - Credit: Archant

Trying to save a few quid proved disastrous for one man who was forced to cough up a hefty fine after dodging his train fare.

Police noticed James Croxall, 44, of Portnoi Close, Romford, trying to squeeze through the barriers at Dagenham Heathway station on August 29.

He pleaded guilty to using the railway without paying his £4.70 fare at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court on Friday and was slammed with an £89.70 bill instead.

Prosecuting, Anja Hohmeyer said Croxall had drunk 10 pints of Stella and a bottle of Bacardi when police at Dagenham Heathway spotted him.

She added: “They watched the defendant walk up closely behind another passenger. As he approached the gate he was walking so close behind he went through with them and didn’t pay his fare.

“Police stopped him and asked him for his ticket and they said his eyes were glazed and he was drunk. He admitted travelling without a valid ticket.”

Representing Croxall, Gerard Shaw said: “The issue is he suffers from alcoholism and he’s done really well on a community order but has had a relapse recently.

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“He was doing well and got a job as a labourer but lost the job at the end of August and started drinking again.”

He added: “He is keen for more help.”

Gerard explained his client had already spent a long time in custody as he was arrested at 6pm that day and wasn’t released until the early hours of the morning.

Chairman of the bench. Jane Gallogly, ordered Croxall to pay £85 in costs, which included a £20 victim surcharge, on top of the fare for his travel.

She also sentenced him to one day of prison but explained that had already been served when he was kept in overnight following his arrest.

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