Foreign workers face deportation after border agency raid in Barking

Workers who allegedly held expired student visas could face deportation after being seized in a border agency raid in Barking.

The six staff aged 23 to 56 are in a detention centre today after being arrested at Kamros cash and carry in Creek Road.

Kamros could be fined up to �10,000 for each worker found to have been employed illegally, the UK Border Agency said.

The agency carried out the raid on September 27 after receiving intelligence about the premises.

The UK Border Agency believes the employees from Pakistan, India and Nigeria were working illegally at Kamros.

Kamros is assisting its staff through a solicitor.

Kamros manager Sajid Iqbal, 34, told the Post: “Most of them have visas but there is an issue with their colleges and institutes.

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“Our solicitor is working on it. They are in a detention centre at the moment.”

Border chiefs said more raids were in the pipeline.

Agency assistant director, Steve Fisher, said: “Employers who take on illegal workers are both fuelling illegal immigration and damaging the majority of legitimate east London businesses who play by the rules.

“This is why we have the power to hit those who break the law with heavy fines and more operations like this are planned.”