Hodge condemns riots and calls for Boris return

Barking MP Margaret Hodge has condemned the rioting and looting sweeping across North London.

Battles between police and people in Tottenham erupted on Saturday night following the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by an armed officer on Thursday.

A peaceful protest at the shooting turned violent after petrol bombs were thrown at police, which saw buildings burnt down, shops looted and officers injured.

The riots spread to Enfield, Walthamstow, Islington and Brixton last night.

Mrs Hodge said: “I’m as shocked as everyone by what happened at the weekend.

“Of course the police have questions to answer about what happened to Mark Duggan, but nothing can excuse this behaviour. The people who suffered are local residents and shopkeepers, some of whom have lost everything.

“The police have got to get a hold on the situation, and then they must work with the local community to rebuild trust. I also think Boris Johnson should come back from holiday and show some leadership. He’s responsible for protecting people in this city.”