Stephen Port: Jurors shown pictures of alleged serial killer’s Barking flat

Jurors were shown pictures of Stephen Port's bedroom (Picture: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

Jurors were shown pictures of Stephen Port's bedroom (Picture: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire ) - Credit: PA

An alleged victim of Stephen Port’s says the suspected serial killer raped him as he slept.

Jurors were shown pictures of the inside of Stephen Port's flat (Picture: Metropolitan Police/PA Wir

Jurors were shown pictures of the inside of Stephen Port's flat (Picture: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire ) - Credit: PA

The man, who can’t be named for legal reasons, met Mr Port through gay dating app Grindr and visited his Cooke Street home in Barking on August 2 last year.

He told the Old Bailey this afternoon that Mr Port showed him homemade porn of him having sex with “youthful-looking men” as he waited for his drug dealer, who arrived at about 4pm with his boyfriend.

The witness said he drank what he thought was water given to him by the defendant in his lounge before Mr Port produced a two-foot plastic tube, a syringe and viagra pills and entered his bedroom with the drug dealer and his boyfriend.

He said Mr Port returned to the lounge after admitting taking viagra to announce: “We can start having sex now.”

The man said Mr Port, 41, went to get some lubrication after the pair undressed – only to penetrate him with a syringe when he returned.

“Because I wasn’t wearing my glasses I couldn’t see,” he said. “It felt like a needle or a pin.

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“I didn’t see clearly but realised it was a syringe and I said ‘no drugs’ because I realised he was injecting something into me without my consent.

“I was shocked.”

He said shortly after his mind went “blank completely” as the pair began to have sex – only for the drug dealer and boyfriend to join in, with one of the two forcibly performing a sex act on him.

“I was feeling very very dizzy and I couldn’t think,” he said. “My brain was not functioning properly and I wasn’t able to make decisions.”

The witness said he lost consciousness at about 6pm on the sofa.

He said he was woken up at 5am by Mr Port raping him in his bed, asking him: “Do you like that?”

“I said ‘no’ and pushed him away,” he said. “He stopped and I fell asleep again.”

He said he awoke again at 7am with a headache and felt a “crusty” substance around his nose and had sex with Mr Port again before leaving at about 11pm.

“I couldn’t make any sound judgment at the time,” he said. “I felt very dizzy.”

Another man who met Mr Port through Grindr told the court the defendant “shoved” a plastic object inside him twice without consent.

The 35-year-old, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said he visited Mr Port’s one-bedroom flat for sex in the early hours of July 4, 2015.

He said Mr Port hid in the shadows when they met and, when they went to his flat, put a plastic object inside him while he was lying on the bed.

After the alleged victim turned the light on, he said he realised Mr Port looked different to the pictures he’d sent through Grindr and fled back home.

“I put on my clothes and walked out as quick as I could,” he said. “I quickly ran to the front door in case he tried to stop me – I was panicking.”

Mr Port is accused of murdering four men – including 25-year-old Dagenham forklift operator Jack Taylor – after luring them back to his flat and spiking them with fatal doses of date rape drug GHB.

All four of the bodies were found dumped within 400 metres of Mr Port’s flat over a 15-month period.

The court was shown pictures of Mr Port’s flat and possessions, including a sex toy, Amsterdam Gold poppers and shelves of gay porn DVDs.

Mr Port denies 29 offences against a total of 12 men – including seven rapes, four sex assaults and administering a substance with intent.

The trial continues.