Ice-cream van seized in Barking

An ice-cream van was seized by police in Barking after two of its drivers broke the law.

Officers pulled over the vehicle in May when it was discovered the driver had no insurance and on July 12 the van was stopped again - this time a different person was driving unsupervised on a provisional licence.

The van is part of a shared ownership business that is now be off the road and impounded. It cannot be collected without valid driving licence and insurance documents.

PC Shane Richards, of Abbey Safer Neighbourhood Team, which seized the vehicle, said: “It is vital for road safety that all drivers have genuine full driving licences if they are to drive a vehicle without instruction or supervision. In the case, of an ice cream van, where children would be passing in front and behind, it is of particular concern.”

Chief Inspector, Richard Goodwin, said: “We will continue to target all vehicles suspected of driving illegally to make the roads of Barking and Dagenham safer for drivers and pedestrians.”