Jailed: Ilford man who robbed £120k from ATMs with gangmates

Robert Danaila

Robert Danaila of Ilford Lane was sentenced to two years and four months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to steal at Maidstone Crown Court on March 18. - Credit: Kent Police

A man from Ilford has been jailed alongside gangmates who together stole £120,000 from cash machines in Barking, Kent and Essex.

Robert Danaila, 25, of Ilford Lane, and five accomplices tampered with the wiring of ATMs, attaching a device containing software which triggered dispensers to hand out money.

Petru-Giani Feraru, Razvan Danaila, Robert Danaila, Victor Camara, Ioan Constantin and Constantin Lupoaie targeted ATMs in Barking, Greenwich, Bromley, Basildon, Northfleet, Gravesend and Colchester last year. 

Det Cons Terry Hanlon, Kent Police’s investigating officer, said: "Each of these offenders [was] involved in a sophisticated and well organised conspiracy.

"Despite going to great lengths to commit their offences, we were able to painstakingly gather a trail of evidence they overlooked.

"Had they not been detained, I have no doubt that they would have continued to offend and I am pleased that they are now unable to do so."

Detectives used CCTV footage to link Feraru, Camara and the Danailas - who are brothers - to seven offences carried out in January 2020.

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The four men were stopped in Essex on January 30. Officers later uncovered video on Feraru’s phone which showed a cash machine's inner workings.

Constantin and Lupoaie were stopped by police on April 6. Officers found Lupoaie with a laptop used to hack a machine and messages on his mobile that described the crime. 

The six men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal and were sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Thursday, March 18.

jailed atm gangmates

Top row: Constantin Lupoaie, Ioan Constantin and Petru-Giani Feraru. Bottom row: Razvan Danaila, Robert Danaila and Victor Camara. - Credit: Kent Police

Robert Danaila was sentenced to two years and four months. Camara, 32, of Eldeland, Basildon, was sentenced to two years and four months.

Feraru, 23, of no fixed address, was sentenced to two years and one month. Razvan Danaila, 30, of Garnett Way, Walthamstow, was sentenced to two years and six months.

Constantin, 27, of The Gore, Basildon, was sentenced to three years and four months. Lupoaie, 18, of no fixed address, was sentenced to one year.

Det Cons Hanlon said: "Their successful prosecution is a clear demonstration that Kent Police and its partners have the resources and expertise to target high profile offending, regardless of how sophisticated the offenders believe they are."