Information from Barking and Dagenham public leads to seizure of stolen goods


- Credit: Archant

A crackdown on crime using information supplied by the public has led to the seizure of stolen goods, drugs and dangerous dogs.

Operation Hawk, an on-going initiative, involves a variety of visible police operations in direct response to information supplied by the local community about drug dealing, anti-social behaviour and all other crime that impacts on the quality of life for communities.

As a result police have executed more than 120 search warrants in Barking and Dagenham since October, leading to the recovery of a stolen phones and laptops and the seizure of dangerous dogs, illegal drugs and counterfeit goods.

Police Supt Mike Hamer said: “I urge members of the public to contact us with information about crime. We can only take action with your help.

“The formula for the success of Operation Hawk is simple; you tell us, we listen, we take action.”