Jail the only option for repeat offender

THE FAMILY and friends of a young man who threatened to ‘stick’ a police officer with a broken bottle, wept as he was jailed for 12 weeks.

Shabbeer Ahmed was led away from Barking Court in handcuffs last week after Magistrates decided his offences were so serious that only a custodial sentence could be justified.

The 21-year-old, of Ada Gardens, Stratford, appeared charged with two driving offences, a public order offence and obstructing a police officer on Wednesday September 22.

He was caught driving while disqualified in Monteagle Avenue, Barking, on September 9, having just received an 18 month ban in May this year.

The court heard this was the second time Ahmed had been caught driving while disqualified in 10 years.

Marcia Evans, prosecuting, said: “The defendant parked in the middle of the road, blocking a police car.

“When the officers spoke to him, he gave a false name. However identification details were found when officers searched the car.”

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Checks revealed Ahmed was banned from driving and that he had no insurance. He was arrested and taken to Dagenham police station.

Barking Court also heard that Ahmed was arrested on July 17 at Barkingside recreation ground after a scuffle with police.

Park users spotted the former delivery van driver barbequing with his friends and called the police.

When officers arrived they arrested one of the group, a Mr Hussein, who was being abusive towards them.

As they tried to detain Mr Hussein, Ahmed became enraged and tried to free his friend, pushing the officers and shouting: “Come on let’s get them.”

He even threatened to stick Sergeant Dempsey with a broken bottle, however this was said to be ‘an empty threat’ as he had no bottle or weapon.

Ahmed pleaded guilty to all four charges last week, having previously pleaded not guilty to the public order and police obstruction offences.

He was jailed for 12 weeks for driving while disqualified and two weeks for causing harassment alarm or distress by his behaviour. The sentences to run concurrently.

Magistrates banned Ahmed from driving for 18 months.

There was no separate punishment or fine for driving without insurance or obstructing a police officer.