Jailed: Uninsured Dagenham driver who carried out road rage attack near Basildon

James Hare. Picture: Essex Police

James Hare. Picture: Essex Police - Credit: Essex Police

A man who stopped his car on a dual carriageway, got in an argument and then smashed another motorist’s window has been jailed for dangerous driving, assault and criminal damage.

James Hare, 28, of Langley Gardens, Dagenham, was sentenced to 18 months in prison at Basildon Crown Court last week having already pleaded guilty.

He was also disqualified from driving for two years and nine months.

At around 7pm on Sunday, July 16 Hare was driving his Mercedes A Class, which he was not insured on, when he cut across traffic at a roundabout on the A127 near Basildon.

As he went up a slip road a driver flashed his light at Hare because of his bad driving.

Hare then slammed on his brakes and stopped, got out his car and started shouting and swearing before he threatened the driver and punched his window.

He drove off, but was arrested in Dagenham later that day.

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Investigating officer Sgt Simon Willsher said: “Hare had a fit of rage after being flashed by someone who disagreed with his reckless behaviour.

“His behaviour then went to dangerous after stopping on a live 70mph road. Hare got out of his vehicle, walked towards the victim’s car while swearing and shouting and then punched his window before driving off at speed.

“Hare failed to stop at the accident and even after his arrest, he failed to appear at court for his first hearing. He thought he was above the law but now has time to think about his actions locked in a prison cell.”