Not locking UPVC doors leads to 11 Barking and Dagneham burglaries in one day

Eleven homes in Barking and Dagenham were burgled within 24 hours by thieves “popping” open UPVC doors that were not double locked.

Following the burglaries, which took place on May 11, police urged residents to lock their UPVC doors with a key, even if they are in the garden.

DCI Phil Howarth, of Barking and Dagenham Police, said: “Burglars are very good at opening UPVC doors that have not been properly locked with the key but rarely have the ability to bypass a securely locked door.”

He said leaving a door unsecured could also put a resident’s car at risk:

“Standard security on newer cars has now advanced to the point where it is almost impossible for a thief to steal a car without the keys. For this reason, car theft can also be a motive for burglary.“

Last year the police ran a number of burglary campaigns and, according to DCI Howarth, many burglaries have since been replaced by attempted buglaries.

“Keys and valuables being displayed where they can be seen from outside, along with an unlocked UPVC door is a recipe for becoming a victim of burglary. “

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Residents who see anyone at or near their property acting suspiciously should contact police.