Hero police dog collars suspected drug dealer armed with Samurai sword

Police dog Hugo

Hugo is a police dog and understood to be a very good boy - Credit: MPS

A police dog sniffed out a suspected drug dealer armed with a Samurai sword in Barking.

Hugo, a police dog with the Metropolitan Police, was on patrol at 5.50pm on Friday when a man was seen running away from a vehicle.

A Samurai sword and drugs were discovered, while Hugo led the search for the suspect.

He was eventually found hiding in a service road behind a garage and was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs with intent to supply and possession of an offensive weapon.

Police dog Nahla, of the Met Police

Police dog Nahla is renowned for delivering ruff justice to criminals - Credit: Metropolitan Police

The same evening, at 11.30pm, Hugo's colleague Nahla was called into action when two men were seen running away after an assault in Redbridge.

She located a can of CS spray believed to have been discarded by the suspect, while fellow police dogs Ziggy and Sky searched for the second suspect.

The pair found a man hiding on a garage roof and he was detained by their handlers, before being arrested for GBH and firearms offences.

Police dog Ziggy

Police dog Ziggy has brought some stardust to the force - Credit: Jon Hilliger

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Chief Inspector Graham Horwood, of the M07 taskforce, said: “At all hours of the day and night, our police dogs and their handlers stand ready to support their colleagues.

"It is their training and abilities that helps find the evasive suspect or locate the hidden evidence.

"Time and time again those guilty of serious offences are brought to justice because of the partnership between our officers and their dogs - both make an outstanding contribution to keeping London safe.”