Police drive down burglary on estate in Barking

Police stamped out crime on a council estate hit by burglars.

Residents on Thames View Estate in Bastable Avenue, Barking, suffered from one break-in almost every other day in March, figures show.

But high visibility patrols and undercover work helped to reduce the number of burglaries, which fell from three a week to less than one a week last month.

Cllr Jeanne Alexander, the cabinet member for crime at Barking and Dagenham Council, said: “The estates police team is delivering results on the ground and deserves our thanks.”

Thames View residents submitted a petition to the council requesting security improvements back in August.

As a result a safety roadshow visited the council estate and patrols were stepped up.

Police said they made a number of arrests in the area, for drug dealing, motoring offences, bail matters and dangerous dogs.

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Councillors discussed burglary on the estate at an assembly meeting held at Barking Town Hall on the Town Square on October 10.