Police heroes honoured in Dagenham

Police officers who acted beyond the call of duty have been awarded commendations.

The dedicated officers worked tirelessly to nail a dangerous paedophile in Barking, apprehend a young man who had stabbed his imam stepdad to death and catch two criminals who had stabbed a man with the help of two schoolgirls.

Others helped to organise events for the community, distributed hygiene kits to the homeless and clamped down on gang culture on an estate in Dagenham.

Barking and Dagenham Mayor Tony Ramsay presented the commendations with Barking and Dagenham Police Cdr Andrew Ewing.

Cllr Ramsay said: “These are extraordinary acts of bravery.

“I am absolutely amazed by what has been said.

“I’m absolutely delighted to make the presentations. Well done to everybody.”

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Here is a list of people who received Met commendations at Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club in Victoria Road, Dagenham, on October 3.

For the investigation into the stabbing discovered by Louise and Charlotte Cruse in September last year, Sergeants Richard Cunningham and Kelly Morrison, Det Con Lee Smith, Jamie Humm, Dave Cross, Juliet Parkhouse and Pc Marie Pike were commended for their “excellent handling” of this complex and challenging case.

A member of the public, Mateusz Platt, was commended for his bravery after he stopped and detained a man who had stolen a young girl’s mobile phone.

Det Con Saima Rizvi was commended for her professional handling of a case where a young man was stabbed in the leg and then considered to be at risk of further attack.

A prosecution resulted in a custodial sentence for three suspects, police said.

Det Con Nathan Lee and Katherine MacClean for their diligent work on a kidnap case that resulted in the victim being recovered and five suspects being arrested and charged.

Det Con Maria Hartshorn and Zara Koller were commended for their work on an arson that resulted in a family of four, including two children under two, having to escape through a first-floor window.

Their dedication and methodical inquiries resulted in two men being charged with arson with intent to endanger life.

Sgt Brian Fry, Det Con Trevor Guy and Pcs Scott Walter, Steve Conway, Danny Pridige, Stuart Walker, Gemma Browne and Matt Everett were commended for their bravery and quick-thinking that resulted in the arrest of three men in connection with the high-jacking of a Royal Mail van.

Retired Pc Bob Hornsby was commended for his meticulous investigation into a burglary where vehicles and possessions were stolen while the owners were abroad.

Det Sgt John Healy, Det Con Nainesh Desai and Jackie Baxter, Pc Sean Spencer and Mrs Janet Hutton were commended for the actions when called to a violent incident where the victim had suffered life-threatening stab wounds. The victim survived the attack.

Det Sgt Lee Osborne led an investigation which resulted in two men being charged with GBH after a man was found unconscious in Dagenham.

Acting police Sgt Paul Legg, Pcs Keith Wood, Dean Holder, Phil Stokes and special police constables Tom Cliffen, Lee Duggins, Dmitrij Jemeljanov, Gemma Bullman and James Donald all dealt with an investigation into school burglaries, which led to the recovery of around 70 items.

PCSO Dave Harvey was commended for an investigation which led to the recovery of stolen mountain bikes.

Sgt Rob Simmonds, Acting Sgt Tony Roll, Pcs Richard Williams and Martin Prince and PCSOs Maria Schembri, Kane Kenyon and Jack Lewis are commended for their work to combat gang culture at Althorne Way, Dagenham.

Police recovered five firearms, ammunition and drugs and more than 100 arrests were made over two-and-a-half years after launching an action plan in 2009.

Police said Althorne Way was now a safe estate to live on where residents could raise their families without fear of intimidation.

Pcs Emma Bruce and Dave Kingscott and special constable Matt Walsh were commended for successfully bringing a suicidal woman to safety after she threatened to jump in front of train at Dagenham Dock Station.

Pcs Shane Richards and Zoltan Svanda were commended after recovering 12 stolen mobile phones from a car.

Pc Rich Wood was commended for organising a community open day at Goresbrook Village in Dagenham on March 2.

Pc Raymond McQuarrie and PCSO Stephen Farrier were commended for helping a suicidal drug addict who slept rough under a footbridge in Movers Lane, Barking.

Frances Henson was commended for her personal financing and organisation of the distribution of washing kits for homeless people.

Pc Keith Wood and special constables Rav Kahlon and Megan Nimmo were commended for their efforts in trying to save a collapsed man found indoors. The 62-year-old was given CPR for 40 minutes but died.

Police said all officers remained calm and in control throughout this stressful and emotionally charged incident.