Police pledge to ‘never stop looking’ for riot suspects

Two months after the riots in Barking Town Centre and the Heathway, Dagenham suspects are still being identified the police have revealed.

Borough commander Matt Bell is still calling for the looters and the vandals to come for rather than “delaying the inevitable” call at their door by officers, saying his officers will “never stop looking” for the people involved.

So far 25 non-residential burglaries, six personal robberies, five incidents of criminal damage and nine public order offences are among the 51 crimes recorded on August 8 and 9.

Currently 28 people are being dealt with by the courts for incidents relating to the disorder with all but two suspects living in the borough.

Of these suspects, eight are under the age of 18 and 18 have been charged with at least one offence.

The force’s Police Ad Van will continue to travel around the borough displaying 120 CCTV images of those involved in the disorder. The images are also being broadcast at Safer Neighbourhood bases.

Chief supt Bell said: “I would like to emphasise that we will never stop looking for people who are wanted for these offences.

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“If a warrant is issued for you, it will follow you around until you are finally forced to face the consequences.

“It is in your interest to approach police of your own accord rather than live for what could be months with the possibility of arrest hanging over you. When the local arrests have been made, we will begin the search for people who live outside of the borough.”