Police warn Barking and Dagenham residents over dangers of drinking

POLICE are warning residents to be extra careful while drinking alcohol to avoid being targeted by street robbers.

Officers report an increasing number of people are drinking beyond safe limits and neglecting their personal safety and that of their property.

Simple things like remembering to lock the doors at home and keeping an eye on your personal belongings are often forgotten.

In some cases, victims have drunk so much that they are not able to provide the police with much information because they do not have an accurate recollection of events.

This makes it harder for the police to investigate crimes and bring about prosecutions.

DCI Phil Howarth said: “Drinking alcohol while socialising can make people vulnerable. Please do enjoy yourself, but at the same time make sure you look after yourself. Simple steps such as organising a licensed taxi home before you start drinking or being aware of how many drinks you have had can minimise your risk of becoming a victim of crime.”

For more information on personal safety visit www.met.police.uk/crimeprevention/personal or contact your Safer Neighbourhoods Team.