London Bridge inquests: Ex-wife had no idea Barking terrorist was capable of attack, court hears

CCTV footage of Rachid Redouane. Picture: Met Police

CCTV footage of Rachid Redouane. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Met Police

The ex-wife of one of the Barking terrorists who carried out the London Bridge attacks broke down in tears as she recalled her shock at the violent acts he committed.

CCTV footage of Rachid Redouane. Picture: Met Police

CCTV footage of Rachid Redouane. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Met Police

Charisse O'Leary told the inquests into the victims' deaths that she had no clue Rachid Redouane was capable of causing such bloodshed.

Counsel to the inquests Jonathan Hough QC asked her: "Did you have any inkling at all that he was capable of such violence?"

She replied: "No."

Mr Hough asked: "Did you have any inkling at all that he harboured such extreme views to carry out such an attack?"

Again she replied: "No."

Breaking down in tears, she recalled her reaction when she found out what he had done.

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She told the court she was "shocked that he was capable of doing something like that".

The couple met in 2010 in a nightclub in Manchester and were married in November 2012 in Dublin.

They lived together at her mother's house in London for a time in 2013, before Redouane moved back to his native Morocco from September 2013 to February 2015.

The couple then lived in Dublin before moving back to London, and then their own home in Barking in 2016, with their newborn daughter.

At that time he started going to the mosque every day, and would socialise with friends while she was not there, hiding photographs of her when they came to their flat.

Miss O'Leary recalled her brother asking Redouane about the murder of Lee Rigby in May 2013.

She said: "He (her brother) brought it up, asking what his views were, and he turned round and said it was the government's fault, he blamed the government. I just thought he was talking rubbish."

In late 2016 the relationship began to break down, and there was an incident when he hit her during an argument over heating their baby's milk.

The couple split in January 2017, but Redouane still saw his daughter.

Miss O'Leary said of the break-up: "He just became distant towards me and he wasn't helping me financially or emotionally."

She again became tearful when asked about his reaction to the Manchester terror attack in May 2017.

"He just said, 'did you see what's happened in Manchester on the news?', and I just said 'yeah'. (I said) terrible, because obviously I remember the youngest girl that passed away. He didn't comment."

She said he showed her military videos of Muslims being attacked abroad after terror attacks in the UK.

Redouane also began to express homophobic views in late 2016, the Old Bailey heard, and asked his wife to stop watching certain music channels on the television in front of their daughter, "because if there were gay people on there he would say it would turn her gay".

On the day of the attack, Redouane looked after his daughter from lunchtime until early evening while Miss O'Leary went to a family barbecue.

When she returned at around 7pm, she asked him to carry the baby back into her flat because her nappy had leaked and she was wet.

As they walked into the building she asked Redouane if he would see his child the next day.

"I asked him if he was seeing her tomorrow. He didn't reply, he just made a quick exit and said he forgot his phone," she told the court.

He gave her £50 and left a phone at her home that he told her not to switch on until the next day, the inquest heard.

Miss O'Leary said she tried calling Redouane later because he had forgotten to return their daughter's walking reins, but the calls were rejected.

She also tried sending a message on WhatsApp, but there was no reply.

The next thing she knew was when police arrived at her flat and she found out about the attack.

The inquest continues.