Riot victim mugged by fake samaritans in Queen’s Road, Barking, recovers in hospital

A riot victim mugged by fake samaritans in Barking on Monday night is recovering in hospital.

Mohammed Asyraf Raziq, 20, was helped to his feet by youths who then stole his Sony PSP from his rucksack, moments after he suffered a broken jaw in Queen’s Road at 7pm.

The Malaysian student treated at Royal London Hospital has attracted the sympathy of people worldwide after footage of the attack was viewed on YouTube more than a million times.

Last night, the Bishop of Barking called on communities to stand united after the looting spread from London to other parts of the country.

The Rt Revd David Hawkins said: “The escalating violence must serve as a wake-up call to us all to use our democratic political processes and, where appropriate, peaceful demonstration.

“Most of all it is a call to pray for the peace of our cities.

“It is an opportunity to join hands across the divides of class, race, age and religion and to be the answer to our prayers.”