System helps Dagenham shop crack down on mobile phone theft

A second hand goods store in Dagenham has introduced a new system to help crack down on attempts to sell stolen mobile phones and computers.

Cash Converters, in Heathway, now run all mobiles and computers through Checkmend, which allows stores to see whether the equipment has been reported stolen to police, the mobile provider or insurance companies.

The details of each item are retained on the system for the following 30 days in case the phone or computer is reported stolen after being sold to the store.

To ensure customer date is protected all SIM cards are destroyed and factory setting restored.

Cash Converters is also rolling out an information sharing protocol system with police authorities and hopes to do the same in Dagenham over the coming months. This system allows the retailer to send details of all goods a store has purchased or put on the Buyback or pawn system each day so they can cross reference it to their records of any stolen goods in the area.

Lee Porter, business development manager said: “Our relationship with local police authorities and systems like Checkmend are vital to our business, the stringent policies are enabling us to eliminate stolen goods passing through our store.”