Council works with police and immigration officials to ‘clean-up’ Hertford Road

A van taken away from Hertford Road as part of the joint operartion. Picture: LBBD.

A van taken away from Hertford Road as part of the joint operartion. Picture: LBBD. - Credit: LBBD

In an effort to clean-up a Barking road, the council, police and government officials have carried out a ‘major operation’ to crack down on illegal work practices and anti-social behaviour.

The campaign on Hertford Road was launched over 10 days and targeted behaviour like fly-tipping, littering and urinating in public on Hertford Road in Barking.

People waiting on Hertford Road waiting to be picked up for illegal work were also targeted by Immigration officers and officials from HM Revenue and Customs.

More than 30 people were issued dispersal notices, meaning they can't go back to the road or the area around it.

But employers who were seen trying to illegally hire workers were just given guidance on employment regulations, though they could be referred to HMRC if they keep up that behaviour.

A council spokesman said the authority didn't know the circumstances of the people it handed the notices to.

Despite this, he claimed some of the people handed notices weren't workers, but just people gathering in groups, which he said was: "intimidating for shoppers and the general public."

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The group of officers and enforcers also removed a coach that was used by people to sleep in.

As the coach was empty when it was taken away, it's unclear what happened to the people who used it for shelter.

"We're determined to crack down on people who exploit others and put profits above people," said Councillor Margaret Mullane.

Ms Mullane is the cabinet member for enforcement and community safety at Barking and Dagenham council.

"Hertford Road was also suffering from constant anti-social behaviour which was intimidating for local residents and businesses and harming their quality of life.

"Working with our partners, we have cracked down hard on these issues and we will continue to clamp down in the future as part of our zero tolerance approach to crime and anti-social behaviour."

Results from the operation included:

- Catching 7 uninsured drivers illegally driving on Hertford Road, with six vehicles being seized.

- The issuing of 13 removal notices for suspected abandoned vehicles.

- The clean-up of 17 tonnes of fly-tipped waste.

- The issuing of three fixed penalty notices for urinating in public and spitting.