Three Barking and Dagenham people targeted in card scam in past 24 hours


- Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Three elderly or vulnerable people have fallen victim to a bank card scam in the past 24 hours, Barking and Dagenham police have revealed.

The scam usually involves a person calling the victim, pretending to be a police officer or a bank employee.

They say that someone has been caught using a copy of the victim’s bank card and claim that they need the original card to progress the investigation. Sometimes they ask for the PIN number.

The fraudster asks the victim to take the card to a police station knowing that they will not be in a position to physically do so. They then suggest that a courier will collect the card.

The courier is often a taxi driver, who is usually not involved in the scam at all. When the card has been collected the victim’s bank account is quickly cleared out.

DS Debbie Turrell of Barking and Dagenham CID said: “Three incidents in 24 hours is unacceptable for any crime, but this is a particularly cowardly and destructive method of theft that preys on the innocence and trusting nature of our vulnerable residents.

“I strongly urge anyone who knows or cares for an elderly or vulnerable person to ensure that they are fully aware of this scam.

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“Anyone who receives a call about their bank card should hang up immediately and call police on 101.”