Update: Neighbours hear noise ‘like a bomb’ following shooting in Dagenham

Neighbours claim to hear a sound “like a bomb” following a shooting in Dagenham,

New reports place the incident, which happened on Monday, November 26, at Trefgarne Road, Dagenham, near to the Morrisons superstore.

The victim presented themselves to staff at Queen’s Hospital, Romford, with non-life threatening injuries to the shoulder.

Gabriel Bukky, of Trefgarne Road, said his wife “screamed” at hearing what she described as a sound “like a bomb”, but dismissed her fears saying it was “probably a banger”.

The couple were only made aware of the seriousness of the situation the next morning when police were outside their home and had taped off a section of the road, including the westmost entrance to Calverley Crescent.

Bill Nicholls, 87, also heard a “bang” from his home in Trefgarne Road. He said: “I had the radio on and I heard it above the radio. It was a hollow noise like these (outdoor) bins make when they fall over.

“It wasn’t like a sharp bang that you expect from a gun.”

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But Bill was undeterred to learn from police in the morning that there had been an “incident”, adding: “I have lived here 60 years now and I have got used to everything that does happen.”

Both men said they heard the noise between around 10pm and midnight. Anyone with information should contact police on 101.